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Privacy Policy

We promise you are safe!
We hold your privacy to the highest in our priority list. Our privacy policy has been established keeping in mind all of your concerns regarding your personal information. The protection of your personal information is of the greatest significance to us; we promise that the information you hand over to us will be shared with no one except for the staff in our company dealing with your order.
To keep yourself protected from cyber-crime or being bothered, make sure you are keeping your information private as well and that it is secured to the best of your ability. Additional information regarding matters of cyber-crime and thefts can be found on the Central Bank Website, or you can get into contact with any of your local banks and get updated on different privacy policies.
We will be asking you to provide us with your full name, the address of billing, contact information, email address, delivery address and the details of your credit card.
We make use of proficient technology called SSL to keep your information encrypted and coded. This information is then led through a secure gateway and made confidential. We motivate you to not display your credit card details anywhere on public networks as they are more vulnerable to hacking and use cookies to track your info and use it for improper purposes. Due to the importance of cyber-crime, we value your privacy a lot and spend a lot of resources on keeping it safe.
Be subscribed to our website to get updated about the latest offers. And keep yourself updated on our privacy policy before you select something.
You can reach us for any further questions.