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IXS Motorcycle Leather Jackets

In 1979, iXS set out to win the hearts of motorcyclists in Switzerland, and they have succeeded. Check out our selection of IXS Leather Jacket; which features both traditional and cutting-edge styles. In addition, we offer free shipping both ways and an entire year if you change your mind on any jacket you buy from us.

IXS Motorcycle Jacket

Following are key features of this jacket; as it entails mesh lining and is lightweight and airy, making it ideal for regulating internal temperature. Mesh lining and is lightweight and airy, making it ideal for regulating internal temperature. Besides, it is known for its capacity in terms of its adaption for use on tours (Tour-Cut system). By the same token, thermal vest that may be removed

The elastic is inserted at the underarms for added comfort while z is securely latch at the sleeve ends. In addition to that shoulder and back areas made of accordion-stretch leather; which is simply amazing on this jacket. This jacket is known for its wind-resistant zipper which is in the front of the garment with a hidden storm flap. And it is a convenient, world-spanning zipper. The jacket has two exterior pockets including two stowaways on the inside.

Stands Tall Above Other Jackets in Wear and Style

It simply stands above other jackets in terms of lining made of antibacterial polyester mesh. Besides, its thermal vest are considered of detachable lining. Offering comfort to its wearer is amazing quality of this jacket; little wonder is thus over its inbuilt characteristic to be offering comfort zones sewn into the cuffs of the sleeves using CORDURA® stretch fabric for ergonomic design.

It cutaways in the shoulders and back for air circulation; while zippers are known to automatically lock at the wrists. Besides, one of the key characteristics of this amazing jacket is that it has “Hip Regulation Program”.

There Is HYPE about the IXS Man with the Leather Jacket and the Year-Round Scooter

Leather outerwear with an antibacterial lining, a thermal vest that can be removed, and zippered arm and back vents. Free-moving, preformed arms with stretchy elastane yokes – Detachable, articulating shoulders and elbows Protective technologies A CE-approved pocket for carrying a back protector (in option) Wrist zips with auto-locking sliders for closures. Fit can be adjusted with the help of velcro and there is a zipper for attaching it to jeans. Features: – 2 exterior pockets – 3 interior pockets – Product meets CE standards.

Don’t feel terrible if you haven’t heard of IXS before. Several racers in the MotoGP and WSBK classes receive financial support from this Swiss corporation. Thom Luthi, who has a 125 World Championship and numerous Moto2 victories, was the first rider I saw wearing their leathers. Owing to this, don’t hesitate to buy iXS Leather Motorcycle Jackets.

The Authenticity of Ixs Leather Motorcycle Jackets

A second Swiss rider, Randy Krummenacher, used their gear to victory in the World Supersport 600 class a few years later. Nobody but die-hard consumers will know about this label. Because I had already read both of the aforementioned race series, I felt compelled to investigate the Amazon price cuts even further.

To make sure they weren’t some fakes made in China or whatever. It is my educated judgment that they are authentic. Not enough customers showed interest in these specific models, so production has been halted. Iron Pony, an Ohio-based business selling the items in question on Amazon, has a solid reputation among online retailers. The initial coat is known as the “Curtis” coat. The entire thing, including the back protector, is leather and ECE-rated for safety.

The brown color, the no removable liner, and the lack of vents are all negatives. Inky black, espresso, and whipped cream. They’re only $80 if you’re into retro style and don’t mind the brown tint. There was no misspelling there. If you’re wondering, “Can this be true?” In a word, yeah. I got mine last week, and I was waiting to test it on before making this thread. The fit is close. So, if you’re carrying a few extra pounds from too many beers, you should probably keep looking. The 46 US size, which can range from snug to baggy, is often what I wear.

The pre-curved sleeves are a great fit for my normal-length arms. While I am certainly not the muscular specimen I once was, the biceps are still a bit tight. This is why, we have ensured that iXS Leather Motorcycle Jackets for sale is available as an opportunity.