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Patch Logo Jackets

Our online shop only sells embroidered patches. When you need unique patches for your sports team, company, military unit, motorcycle club or event, camping trip, Scouting adventure, martial arts dojo, or anything else, go no further than us. You have the best Sewing Patches for Coats/Jackets, or anything else you can think of. We offer premium patches at competitive costs and unparalleled support.

The success of our online shop relies on the quality of the embroidery on our patches and the happiness of our clientele. We have patches for every branch of the armed forces, every fire department, every security agency, and every other organization imaginable. You can count on us to streamline, expedite, and enrich the patch ordering experience by our especial Embroidered Patches jacket – above all.

But we don’t stop there with our dedication to the satisfaction of our customers. There is a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of the patches we sell. If you purchase a patch from us and discover that it is flawed in construction or materials, please let us know. You may count on us to replace it at no additional expense.

We provide custom patches on our website that appear and feel expensive but are actually quite affordable. It also gives you the freedom to apply your design on whatever garment you choose, regardless of its size, shape, or material. In addition, getting your uniquely created patches quickly is a simple with our straightforward three-step order procedure.

The Sailor Collection Has a Classic and Sophisticated Nautical Motif

The staple items that emanate French charm are characterized by stripes, emblems, and golden buttons, and are livened up with splashes of color and shimmering sequins. It’s a blend with a traditional twist that elevates flair and sophistication to new heights. A leather logo patch and cuffs give this baize bomber jacket a varsity vibe.

The Sailor collection has a classic and stylish nautical theme. Favorite items with a dash of color and glittering sequins set off the stripes, emblems, and golden buttons that give off a French charm. A fusion that elevates traditional elegance to new heights. This baize bomber jacket has a varsity style thanks to the leather sleeves and logo patch. The Patches for Jackets are something that its wearer enjoys. 

Our outlets enables you to “Do-It-Yourself Flavor Boost” That Your Boring Outerwear Deserves

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Need patches, jacket patches, or a couple garments that will look great with patches stitched onto them? You’re in the correct spot. We’ve been there too, so we spent some time hunting out some sweet patches and a few coats to match so that we could all realize our DIY fashion fantasies in stunning fashion.

We have you covered—in stunning style—whether you need to repair a worn out coat, customize a brand new jacket, or purchase beautifully pre-patched outerwear. Your not-so-arduous search for the ideal jacket patches, whether they simple iron-ons or luxurious chenille or appliqué, ends here.

Not Even Repairs

The patches that are really speaking to us right now are the ones that pay homage to the past, preferably with a knowing nod and a touch of irony. (Some kitsch can do wonders for your ills.) The greatest ones will be able to ride the line between terrible taste and hippy cosplay while yet fitting in perfectly on the back of your grittiest denim jacket. Corny, or much worse, blindly patriotic, are patches with skulls, guns, or other oddly hostile ornamental themes. (Don’t wear an American flag or anything with a Disney character unless you want to be mistaken for that one guy with the bug eyes who stormed the Capitol building on TV.) Also, just so you know: personalized name patches are awesome, but only if they spell out your actual name.

Jackets Only

In order to properly display your collection of patches, you’ll need a jacket. It’s better to leave your down jacket and your heavy-duty puffy coat alone; instead, choose an outer layer with some natural patina to serve as the perfect canvas for your masterpiece. Personalized patches for jackets already sewn on are a good example.

 Embroidery is a fantastic way to improve the appearance of denim or leather. If you’re the type of person who would Google “ways to boost your vertical leap” instead of “patches for coats,” then you already know that a traditional varsity jacket is a safe bet.

Patched Jackets

DIY-ing your way to a cool, one-of-a-kind jawn might seem like too much work, but there’s no need to worry if you can just buy a jacket with patches already stitched on. Currently, there is an abundance of solutions for the patched-up consumer, such as Bode’s boy scout-approved appliqué coat and Todd Snyder’s collaboration parka with L.L.Bean. Read up on the history of traditional Japanese patchworking techniques like boro and sashiko if you’d like something less literal as a source of inspiration for some of Japan’s best and brightest menswear stars; both involve rescuing worn garments through strategic, and often highly intricate, functional stitching.