RockStar Jacket


Returns and Exchange

As mentioned before, our customers and their satisfaction is the first matter of business for us this is the reason for us working so hard to justify their choice to select us and provide them with economically good and top quality products. Our efforts are genuine, and we make sure that our deliveries are made through a safe network after being thoroughly inspected. We promise never to dissatisfy our customers or provide them with something that is not of the highest quality.

Please make sure you have read all of our policies before requesting refunds or replacements.

Defective products should be reported instantly and be complained about. A picture of high quality will be required so we can assure if the product is qualified for refunds and replacements. In this way, the client will not have to go through the troubles of shipping us the product uselessly. A detailed specification of the defect should be listed along with the complaint for it to be taken seriously.

The product should be returned in its original packaging. Price tags and original packaging is a must if you want your order to be returned or exchanged. Damages that were caused by the client can be fixed for a price but the damage done during delivery or packaging will be refunded by us.

The time period for return and exchange in our company is about one week, after this, we will not be accepting products for replacement or refund. You can expect the return of your package within 15-20 days.

All our messages have been posted to make this process easier for you.